Ayumu Warashibe
Ayumu Warashibe
Name Jenny suzuki
Katakana スズキジェニー
Rōmaji Suzuki Jenī
Gender Female
Hair Color Brown
First Appearance

Ayumu Warashibe (童辺あゆむ Warashibe Ayumu) is a cross-dressing maid at Ayakashi Kan. Her youkai form is an zashiki warashi.

She also dies and is reincarnated sometime during the time skip and appears as a long curly haired cross-dressing maid.


Human FormEdit

She is seen wearing standard maid uniform, blonde cropped hair, and wears makeup consisting of lavender eyeshadow and deep pink lipstick.

Youkai FormEdit

Her "Youkai form is a zashiki warashi - once a zashiki warashi inhabits a house it brings the residence great fortune, but should it depart the domain soon falls into steep decline. (She has not been seen in her youkai form, however).


She's usually frank and rather impatient, but logical and firm. She was once seen reprimanding Chino for her lack of thought. The only one that fazed her was Soushi, who worked his charms on her to get her signature during the Ayakashi Building Walk Rally.






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