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Banri Watanuki
Banri Watanuki
Name Banri Watanuki
Kanji 渡狸卍里
Rōmaji Watanuki Banri
Race Youkai and Human
Gender Male
Age 15 Years Old/13 Years Old After Reincarnation
Birthday October 10(libra)
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Height 173 cm (5'8") / 150 cm (4'11") after time skip
Blood Type O
Personal Status
Status Deceased/Reincarnated
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 3
Japanese Voice Takuya Eguchi
English Voice Greg Ayres

Banri Watanuki (渡狸卍里 Watanuki Banri) is a mixed blood tanuki youkai (raccoon dog demon). Very impulsive and outspoken, he labels himself as a “delinquent” and he is also the childhood friend of Kagerou, Natsume, and Soushi. He hates Soushi and considers him as his rival since their childhood because Soushi called him “cute”, for which he never forgave him. He is in love with Karuta and is easily scared by Kagerou.

Near the end of Part 1, he tries to convince a possessed Karuta that he will be by her side, even if she can't turn back into human form. Although she cries in happiness, she is unable to override the enemy's control, and Karuta as a person is completely erased. He chased after her, but was killed in the battle between the Maison de Ayakashi and the enemy youkai at age 16. He has been reincarnated in Part 2 as a middle school student, but has no memories of Part 1, much like Ririchiyo and Sōshi. His SS is now Karuta Roromiya in Part 2, and he is the youngest of all the residents.


Human FormEdit

Character Banri Watanuki
Banri is a short, slender young man, with messy, spiked blonde hair and narrowed blue eyes, giving him a normally fierce expression. He can usually be seen wearing a green shirt, and dark pants.

Youkai FormEdit

Banri Youkai Form

Watanuki in Youkai form.

Banri turns into a small brown tanuki (raccoon dog demon). He usually has a leaf on top of his head when he is in his youkai form.


Watanuki considers himself to be a "delinquent", and is quite hot-blooded. He can sometimes give off a rude or arrogant impression, but despite his insistence of the fact that he is "bad", he is frequently proven to be the opposite. He is in fact very honest and cares for his friends, looking out for them and helping whenever he can, especially Karuta. Despite being smarter than he appears, he can be impulsive and tends to act before thinking, such as getting himself into a fight when attempting to protect Karuta and becoming hurt in the process.

He shares a special friendship with Karuta, one that is alluded by Zange as "more than friends, but not quite lovers". He noticeably has an affection for her, as he becomes a bit embarrassed around her and stands up for her when she is bullied by others. They have been friends since childhood, according to Zange.


Karuta RoromiyaEdit

He and Karuta are childhood friends, naturally because being demons wouldn't let them have too many human friends. Because of an event, Karuta distanced her own feelings from everyone else except for Watanuki. He has since promised himself that he'll become stronger to protect Karuta and take care of her.

He always puts her first in level of importance and can stay worried for her sake for hours if he doesn't hear that she is okay. He has tried to show his feelings to her but Karuta ends up misunderstanding him.

Zange NatsumeEdit

Zange is Watanuki's personal SS. They often quarrel, and Zange's eccentric, yet cheerful personality often grates his nerve while he tries to act tough, and calls himself a deliquent. Watanuki had blamed Zange for not foreseeing Karuta's disappearance, but later on showed deep concern over his health when Zange overused his powers to track Karuta's whereabouts.

Ririchiyo ShirakiinEdit

Watanuki and Ririchiyo are friends, to which Ririchiyo never fully admitted, and Watanuki often dismissing it as he is a deliquent.

Soushi MiketsukamiEdit

Watanuki sees Miketsukami as a rival, though it is one-sided.


He has a butler, Musashino who still cares for him. One day when Musashino came to collect his lunchbox in Ayakashi Kan, he explains to the tenants that Watanuki was an exceptionally good kid. He proclaimed once that he wanted to be a doctor because of Musashino's condition, and when there was a maid who was sensitive to the cold, he claimed that he will build a house in Africa just for her. Thus when he met Karuta, he exclaims to be a deliquent just so that he can protect her while being strong.

Poor watanuki

Watanuki being played around.

During his childhood he was made fun of by Kagerou and Zange during playtimes by toying with him in his tanuki form. He had since held a grudge by the memory, and blames Miketsukami for standing by and misleadingly calling him cute.


In part 3, all of the residents got a letter from their reincarnated selves, saying what will happen in the future if they don't stop the attack. All characters are current the same ages as before.



  • He is so far the only character seen with the same gender SS, Zange Natsume.
  • He calls his SS,"Zange" inspite of their friendy and quarreling nature.
  • A running gag always shows that everytime Watanuki speaks high of himself being a delinquent or something, Natsume always shows up out of nowhere, thus interrupting him.

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