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Chapter 30
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Chapter 30 is the thirtieth chapter of Cocoa Fujiwara's Inu x Boku SS.

Miketsukami's memory cards content is revealed. -spoiler- It turns out that card is full of old Ririchiyo and Soushi Miketsukami's letters. We learn that reincarnated Soushi was prisoned just like old one , but this time more restricted. But 9 years ago Ayame Shokiin comes and takes him out of his home prison. She tells Soushi that old Ririchiyo's last wish was to help him this time. After he is grown and becomes an SS Agent just like old one he becomes SS of new Ririchiyo. Soushi feels a great gratitude for her and he owes his freedom to her. Just like old Soushi this one too feels emotions for the first time so he eventually falls for her. We learn that he knows every memories and other details about old Soushi and he hates him. He also envious because old Soushi was able to recieve many words from Ririchiyo. Despite these he says that he doesn't care substituing him to give comfort to her.

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In order of appearance: Zange Natsume, Kagerou Shoukiin, Soushi Miketsukami, Ayame Shokiin(memory), Ririchiyo Shirakiin(memory)

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