Mikoto Inugami
Name Mikoto Inugami
Race Inugami
Gender Male
Age Part 1: 15

part 2: 14

Birthday Unknown
Hair Color Black (formerly)

White (current)

Eye Color Red, Yellow (sometimes)
Height Unknown
Blood Type Unknown
Personal Status
Status Deceased
First Appearance
Anime Debut None
Japanese Voice None
English Voice None

Mikoto Inugami is the main antagonist of the story.  

In Part 1, he attacks the SS. 

In Part 2, He saves Banri Watanuki from a group of literal delinquents. He treats him as an 'underling' which Watanuki feels like a 'slave driver' because of that. Watanuki constantly buys him drinks and idolizes Mikoto. Soon, He becomes friends with Banri Watanuki.

Appearance Edit

Human FormEdit

Yokai FormEdit



Banri WatanukiEdit



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