I came across this anime by finding a clip of the tg scene on youtube (:P), and from the purple haired character I saw, I saw myself in her. I saw an innocent child hiding behind a wall of arrogance that acted this was only because she was afraid of being hurt. You can understand her experiences and act quickly through watching the anime, and it's easy to like her. The thing is, I saw myself in her by seeing a sort of lonelyness and arrogance that I've dealt with, wanting to be known as somebody flawless and gratitudeless, when I was just emotionally hurt. Ririchiyo, you may not know it, but you helped me through some of these feeligns just by showing me there was someone else out there like me. You're not real? :P Well there's also the writer of the series and characters, so... Somebody had to have understood!

Haha, nowadays I will sometimes rewatch this anime, and it cheers me up so lovingly due to the people, especially you, Ririchiyo. It becomes easy for me to see the light and humor in all the characters quickly enough, making the whole show just so fun!

I surpised myself with what I just wrote in this blog post considering it was originally just for the badge (:P)... Maybe me wanting to get high ranked on wikias is just another manifestation of my sort of arrogance. Either way, no harm done, and I'm happy with myself thanks to things like Inu x Boku SS that enter my life! :D

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