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Zange Natsume
Zange Natsume
Name Zange Natsume
Kanji 夏目残夏
Rōmaji Natsume Zange
Race Youkai and Human
Gender Male
Age 21 Years Old
Birthday August 29(virgo)
Eye Color Red
Height 179 cm (5'10")
Blood Type B
Personal Status
Status Deceased/Reincarnated
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 3
Japanese Voice Mamoru Miyano
English Voice Blake Shepard

Zange Natsume is just like the others, Natsume is a half youkai (demon) and half human. He is the pair of Banri. He has a cheerful personality and usually wears bunny ears. He is particularly fond of Soushi and tenderly calls him "Sou-tan".

Natsume died of illness at age 24 after Sōshi was killed in the enemy youkai's raid. He was reincarnated, and is currently 21.


In human form, Zange appears as a tall, thin man with dark pink hair and a long bandage that covers his right eye. He can usually be seen wearing the standard SS uniform, a black suit with a gray undershirt and red tie. Though the visible one is normally closed, his eyes are bright red. In youkai form, he also uncovers two more eyes, one in his palm and the other in his wrist. He also wears bunny ears in both human form and youkai.


Zange has a naturally upbeat and jovial personality, and often acts as a comic relief among the main cast. He enjoys telling jokes, and teasing others, but has a good heart and is nearly always optimistic. However, although he is very loyal at best, he can be rather odd at times, and even quite scheming. He will sometimes use others to get what he wants, and seems to like keeping secrets from them. He also claims to know everything about everyone, as he proves to know of Ririchiyo's fear that she will never be able to interact with people, but encourages her to do so. Despite coming off as somewhat shady, though, he remains well-intentioned and cares for his close friends.


Kagerou ShoukinEdit

Kagerou is Zange's childhood friend. They always hung out together with Soushi and Banri until they all reached the age of 20 and they went to find jobs. Though, they all ended up together at Ayakashi Kan with Soushi and Zange working as Secret Service agents and Kagerou and Banri as normal residents.

Soushi MiketsukamiEdit

Soushi is also one of Zange's childhood friends. Zange calls him "Sou-tan~" and he tells him that he missed him even when they just haven't seen each other for only an hour. In episode 4 when he bumps in behind Soushi you see roses in the background implying that Zange is somewhat infatuated when he's around Soushi while blushing.

Banri WatanukiEdit

He is Banri's Secret Service agent in Part 1 of the storyline. They are also childhood friends but Banri states that all he and Kagerou did was bully him. Zange and Kagerou calls him "Rascal" because of his youkai form. In Part 3 of the storyline, it is hinted that in their past lives, Banri promised, and became a doctor hoping to heal Zange's condition but failed. Zange's motivation in being Banri's SS Agent was to protect and encourage Banri to not (again) waste fruitless energy in him.


Zange was born in St. Mary's Hospital, weighing 6.6 lbs. He was raised well, a B-type, Virgo, and is single. He mentioned that he was burdened in life by the fact that he is a Hyakume (100 eyes).

Synopsis Edit

In part 3, all of the residents got a letter from their reincarnated selves, saying what will happen in the future if they don't stop the attack. All characters are current the same ages as before.


  • His powers drains much of his strength, after foreseeing events when he touches the person.
  • He likes to wear bunny ears, and draws chibi bunnies in a small board to emphasize his narrations.
  • He is fond of Banri Watanuki, due to what happened in their previous life, and wishes for Banri's happiness more than anyone else.

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